Who is affected by PIM?

PIM is the abbreviation for Management of Product Information. The most critical role of a PIM system is to help an organization process large volumes of complicated product information and successfully distribute all this information over the corresponding networks. Many individuals are expected to provide what are recognized as PIM applications within industries. More and more people are using this idea, which is more common today.

PIM: definition

PIM is an expression in English that means product information management. This product information management can be translated into French, although it is more common to use the English word. Since the obvious growth of e-commerce, this application, designed to help companies in their production, management, and distribution of content, is becoming increasingly popular. Since its invention in the 1990s, PIM has been around for 30 years, almost at the same time as the creation of websites. A PIM solution is a kind of program that manages all the details related to the marketing and sale of merchandise (size, material, description, color, dimension, etc.). For more information, click on www.goaland.com.

What is the intent of today's PIM?

The main objective of this activity is to summarize and improve the diversity of knowledge related to items from different distribution channels. Product information management facilitates both the management of real-time information and the publication of product catalogs on the web. The first step is to gather the data you have at your disposal. Then, the data you want to place in your catalog will have to be described and cleaned up. Finally, you will need to determine the multiple priorities of the data sources you have previously chosen. You will be able to add to the catalog once you have completed the first step. You will then be able to update the specifications, categorize the items or translate the required details. These steps help you control many of your details and ensure maximum efficiency.

Who is affected by PIM?

Different types of structures can help with this high-performance software. In short, a product information management project should be developed upstream. This method has been thought out and covers many professions such as advertising, interaction, e-commerce, or the IT branch. For companies managing many product details, the installation of this software in the different distribution points is important. BtoC and BtoB e-commerce sites, blogs, and supermarket chains will mainly be the companies concerned. The objective for these companies is to obtain a quick return on investment in order to reduce the cost of the solution.

PIM: which professions are affected?
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