PIM: Developing the Omnichannel business

Published on : 04 February 20213 min reading time

Nowadays, thanks to the evolution of the market and the tough competition, every company is looking for the necessary means to achieve its objectives. Indeed, to achieve this, the use of PIM (Product Information Management) is a very important method to develop its omnichannel business.

What is PIM?

PIM (Product Information Management) is a type of software designed to help and guide companies in the creation, management, and distribution of the content of a repository of their multi-channel products.

As a result, PIM ensures the coordination of the management as well as the distribution of the product content to the sales channels, i.e. e-commerce sites such as BtoB or BtoC, websites, marketplaces, and printed catalogs. PIM guarantees the updating of the content distributed by the company by updating and adapting this content for a better SEO. PIM solution also allows companies to manage, store and create all product data. Thanks to its more basic form, it allows the centralization of product data in order to process them in a collaborative way. For more information, visit Goaland.

PIM: a real asset for global business

Using PIM is an advantage for the company, for the retailers as well as for the retailer’s customers. For retailers, PIM fully manages product data, price/promotion, documents, and media from a single interface. As a result, those involved will be informed quickly about the latest updates. Thanks to this tool, teams are freed from verification and several administrative tasks and activities. As far as the benefits for the retailer’s customer are concerned, it ensures the homogeneity of the different information about the sales channels. As a result, it facilitates the transition between web applications or different sites and physical stores. The company will therefore recognize its customer regardless of the point of contact with its retailer. Certainly, the company will thus improve customer satisfaction.

PIM: a necessary element for the company

If a company’s goal is to achieve a return on investment in the long term and quickly, having the PIM as a business project is important. Indeed, PIM will be a precious help in order to involve all the collaborators and all the trades of a company. To have a better performance of the company, especially on its growth and to face the competition, the use of the PIM is strongly recommended.

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