How to differentiate PIM from other information system tools?

Product Information Management or PIM is a tool that allows you to manage information about your products. All the data is centralized in one place, so it becomes easier to harmonize the content and thus make the information more reliable. What makes it different from other information system tools?

How does the PIM software work?

Thanks to PIM, you can manage all the information revolving around your products. PIM manages information such as marketing type data with logistics data including dimensions, weight, and barcode. There is also the media or Assets with animations, videos, and photos. You can also store technical characteristics with your customers' opinions and replacement products or their equivalent, 

PIM software does not work alone, because you usually integrate it into your company's information system. It, therefore, communicates with the other tools of the company, from where you must define the software that will maintain the necessary data. 

Who is the PIM solution for?

You are surely wondering which PIM best suits your activity or your business. You can choose the type of PIM that can set up all your needs as a whole. It is you who will define in which sector it will contribute, or which are the essential and important data to be stored and updated for your company. 

You need to collect the data and information that makes your business work. This data needs protection and the PIM is made for that. Not only will you have up-to-date information, but also good management for easy use. 

Setting up a PIM software

It regularly results from the inability to manage the flow of information about your products. Flows that irritate the daily life on your ability to receive and process information that needs to be published on third party systems. In order to implement it properly, you need to follow a step-by-step process.

It is first necessary to write an expression of needs with identification of the key success factors and also if there are corrections for business irritants. Then, write functional specifications that precisely describe the expected data. Then, you must write a prioritization of the batches. And to control everything, you have to write a recipe book. Before setting up a PIM, you need to set up an internal committee to steer and organize the project.

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