car insurance

Does business insurance cover rental cars?

No, business insurance does not cover rental cars. Before renting a vehicle, it is crucial to review your personal car hire excess insurance compare with other car’s insurance policy. Sometimes, the coverage on your vehicle may extend to a rental…

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How to improve the visibility of your online store?

An online store brings new opportunities to merchants by expanding their business to new channels. It allows reaching new customers while improving the communication of the company by being in direct contact with customers wherever they are. It also increases…

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Online digital printing

Increasing competition in all areas of business activity requires constant renewal and the presentation of original marketing products. Ordering these items online offers new flexibility both in the choice of media and in the choice of graphics. Take advantage of…

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How to improve your e-reputation?

At a time when being present on the web is a condition for companies and brands that want to exist and sell themselves to the greatest number, the problems are numerous. How to exist on the net? How to benefit…

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What is the purpose of marketing?

Marketing strategy in companies is everywhere. Marketing is actually the “art” of convincing people to buy a company’s products or services. In order to arouse the public’s interest, companies do their best to stand out from others by “pampering” their…

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What are the different branches of marketing?

There are two branches of marketing. Meta marketing is non-commercial and marketing management is commercial. Marketing management helps in the planning, development and pricing of an idea. It is important to do strategic studies before marketing. It is necessary to…

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What are the origins of marketing?

Marketing is a complex word that has stood the test of time. Each commercial house has marketing managers who have multiple and indispensable functions within the company. Their role is to make the product known to customers. It is important…

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How to work in marketing?

Has marketing always been a passion for you? You want to make it your job but you don’t know the jobs related to this field or how to integrate it? Discover the tips to help you to work in the…

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