What are the origins of marketing?

Marketing is a complex word that has stood the test of time. Each commercial house has marketing managers who have multiple and indispensable functions within the company. Their role is to make the product known to customers. It is important to anticipate needs and to respond to the law of supply and demand. Marketing helps to specify the main functions of the company. Marketing also helps in the modern economic development of the company. When does marketing begin? How does marketing evolve? Where is its place today? Its lifelong existence Many people think that marketing came with computers. This is not true, the origin of marketing is undetermined, we can even say that marketing has always existed since the invention of time. It's a way to draw attention to something, we can consider it as pseudo marketing. Attraction and differentiation from the competition or from the outside are already marketing. Nowadays, since the evolution of time, we are just trying to improve marketing to stimulate people to choose the product or to consume the product. The unavoidable evolution of marketing by humans Nowadays, the fields of action of marketing have become wider. We can negotiate, price, and discuss the product. Modern marketing appeared in the 20th century, at the time of the industrial crisis in the United States. The supply was improved to meet the more demanding customer demand, which led to higher cost but lower production. In 1930, there was industrial competition for improved sales for salespeople. After the thirty glorious years, the consumer society is on the rise. The new companies are in competition, it is the customer who has become master. Consumer satisfaction Maslow's pyramid shows the needs of consumers. At the base of the pyramid are the physiological needs of the individual, i.e. food and clothing. Security is also a very important point, the most relevant example is insurance, housing and banking. Then the need to belong to a community or a group, we find for example social networks. The need for esteem must also be satisfied, it is the offer of the feeling of well-being like beauty products or luxury products for example. The need to fulfill oneself, which is at the top of the pyramid, is the challenge for companies. These are the unmet needs.
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