Does business insurance cover rental cars?

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No, business insurance does not cover rental cars. Before renting a vehicle, it is crucial to review your personal car hire excess insurance compare with other car’s insurance policy. Sometimes, the coverage on your vehicle may extend to a rental car. This means that if you buy rental car insurance, you will be duplicating what you already have. If you establish that your car insurance coverage does not include a rental car, you can buy car hire excess insurance for the rental car.

What is Car Hire Excess?

This is insurance coverage that helps you avoid overpriced and unexpected hidden charges when you rent a car. Suppose you have an accident while in a rental car. The company will make you pay for the initial replacement or repair costs. This charge is referred to as ‘excess’, and it can cost up to €2,000 even for a small scratch on the vehicle. You can buy this insurance coverage for the short duration you will use the car. The insurance will be of good help to you and affordable. Car accidents or damages are unplanned thus it is an important insurance to have. Alternatively, if you are frequently using rental cars, it would be better to have annual car hire excess insurance coverage. Before you buy this insurance cover, do a thorough car hire excess insurance compare and do not hesitate to request more information if need be.

Is Car Hire Excess Insurance Worthwhile?

Yes, it is worthwhile to buy car rental excess insurance. The primary reason is that it will save you money if you have an accident. If the vehicle is stolen or damaged and you do not have car hire excess coverage, you will cater for the excess fees, which can be quite high. Car hire companies exploit this to hit customers with hidden charges. You can avoid this by buying the cover before you rent the car so that you can later claim the initial costs of repair or replacement. Hence, is it worth buying car hire excess insurance? Yes, it is.

Do I Need Excess Protection Car Hire?

Car hire excess protection will shield you from paying an absurd excess if you have an accident or the car is damaged while in your custody. You will pay an excess when you make a claim on a current insurance policy. When taking out the policy, you can choose voluntary or compulsory excess. This is a safe way for anyone who wants to rent a car. You will not incur the costs that may come in case of accidents or damages. To repair a car on your own or get another one is every expensive thus such insurance are very important.

Voluntary Excess: This is the excess value that you can set and control. You can add additional voluntary excess above the compulsory excess to reduce your premium. However, you settle on an affordable amount if there is no claim.

Compulsory Excess: Some car insurance companies have a set amount, which is compulsory. This is the excess amount you will be liable for when you make a claim, and you cannot change it because it is fixed and non-negotiable. This amount is set in consideration of certain factors, such as car type and age.

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