What is the purpose of marketing?

Marketing strategy in companies is everywhere. Marketing is actually the "art" of convincing people to buy a company's products or services. In order to arouse the public's interest, companies do their best to stand out from others by "pampering" their customers as best they can, thanking loyal customers by giving them original gifts or offering goodies with their logo on them in order to increase their visibility with target prospects and thus improve their performance. In short, this is what marketing is all about. The goal of marketing is to better understand the environment The main goal of marketing is to study and identify the needs and appetites of customers through surveys and polls made with consumers. Based on the quantitative and qualitative data obtained from this market research, marketing strategies are developed and actions are taken accordingly. For example, within the framework of a product promotion at a trade show, the marketing strategy is concretized by sharing advertising goodies with the general public, price reductions for products sold at trade shows, special trade show offers, etc. Marketing is therefore situated between the management of the organization that establishes the strategy and the various functions that operate in the field. In fact, marketing has a support role, as it must provide the company's management with leads for the orientation of the general strategy based on market research. Marketing also has an operational role, as it must develop plans and strategies to achieve the objectives set by management in light of the company's overall strategy. Marketing to attract and involve the customer The goal of marketing is mainly to enhance the customer's appetites for the products or services offered by the company. It is therefore about providing the customer with a good product experience in which the customer is valued in relation to the company's products or services and not the opposite. The objective is to seduce the customer with an attractive and advantageous offer. When the customer is aware that a product perfectly meets his needs, he will spontaneously get involved in the process of buying the product. This is the case of a customer who has the possibility to test and choose glasses online via his webcam. Marketing to build customer loyalty Although the goal of marketing is to push customers to buy, getting them to come back is also at the heart of its strategy. For better customer loyalty, it is important to offer a quality after-sales service, to know how to thank the customer by offering gifts, to offer free delivery after a certain number of purchases, etc. Be aware that it is the loyal customers who will then become the ambassadors of your company and your products and services. Not only will they come back to you, but they will also praise your merits to the members of their entourage. In short, marketing is a field whose main goal is to encourage the public to move from being mere visitors to becoming loyal customers through an effective strategy based on surveys and market research.
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