PIM: which professions are affected?

PIM or product information management solution is a type of software designed to manage all data related to the sale of products. That is to say the size of the products, their prices, their colors, the materials and all the information concerning them. All this data usually comes from several sources and is then saved in the same place. The goal is to be able to facilitate and accelerate their processing and thus create more complete, reliable, and up-to-date product sheets. Which trades are concerned by PIM?

The e-commerce professions

All e-commerce jobs are affected by product information management. Since the quality of product data is of paramount importance for businesses, the use of a product information management solution can be useful. This solution allows to increase the visibility of the brand on the Internet and thus its sales. It is also an indispensable tool for gaining a global overview of data quality, but above all, it is a practical solution for easy access to information from each department. Thanks to the latter, it is easier for companies and individuals working in e-commerce to optimize the referencing of the content they publish. By taking advantage of the numerous functionalities integrated into these software packages, the user has a complete and customizable dashboard allowing him to have a complete view of the quality of the product information.

Marketing professions

All marketing managers should use the PIM solution to handle the tasks they have to perform on a daily basis. It enables them to launch offers that are tailored to each situation, i.e. the country of destination, the languages involved, and the target customers. Since all product sheets to be sent to consumers, suppliers and other intermediaries differ from one correspondent to another, it is important to choose the data carefully before using them. Thanks to the functionalities offered by a product information management system, adapting the content to the specifics of each sales channel also becomes easier.

The communication professions

Communication teams, whatever the main activity concerned, are often in charge of producing catalogs. With PIM, they have at their disposal all the necessary tools for the creation of the various supports, including brochures and advertising posters. These tools will also enable them to coordinate the creation process more quickly with the various parties involved. It is therefore an ideal solution for reducing work time while producing quality catalogs.

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