What is the purpose of PIM?

PIM, a reference tool for companies today, widely used and recommended, it is interesting to see what the MIP is? then what is it for? What is necessary to know before starting to use the MIP.

What is PIM?

PIM or Product Information Management is a tool often linked to different software and information systems. Indeed, it manages information from one source to several e-commerce platforms and sites. This information comes from a source that will generate updates, information about a product, prices, characteristics, etc. In a few words, it is a tool that will link the company's information to its customers or suppliers and vice versa.

What is PIM for?

Being an information management tool, PIM will mainly serve as a control center and information sharing. It is also a tool that links information from several ERPs or IS in order to obtain a single updated product sheet that will be shared on all sources related to it, so the information will be the same for all those who consult the product. The MIP is not only in the sense of information sharing, but it will also be necessary for the collection of information from customers, orders, claims, etc., all this information will be processed, coordinated, and archived by the MIP according to the need and the situation. Also, the PIM can be an interface of the producer-supplier relationship, in fact, the capacities of this tool are very extended.

What you need to know before starting to use PIM.

It is necessary to know that everyone can use PIM, only, it is necessary to recognize in which circumstance it is really necessary. PIM is a tool that processes data, information, mainly related to sales, e-commerce, it is recommended for people who sell several articles and would have to process Excel files in relation to this. Also, for merchants visible under several platforms and sales sites, because it is a tool that will make one with these platforms and link all the information so that they are identical. Because of this, the MIP is more suitable for merchants; however, marketers are also concerned, because of the analysis and feedback capabilities, PIM is a very interesting tool to adapt your marketing plan.
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