What are the different branches of marketing?

There are two branches of marketing. Meta marketing is non-commercial and marketing management is commercial. Marketing management helps in the planning, development and pricing of an idea. It is important to do strategic studies before marketing. It is necessary to describe the needs, know the desires, design the perception and ask the preference of the targets (or customers). Here are the different branches of marketing. What is strategic marketing? Strategic marketing is a branch of marketing. It is a study of approaches, an analysis of thoughts and a realization of supply and demand. It is a work that requires time. First of all, it is necessary to make segmentation actions, it is necessary to identify the market of the consumers who have the same expectations for a product. This mass of target population will receive the same stimulation. Then, targeting actions must be carried out. This step consists in choosing one or several parts of the society to be satisfied. It is important to make an internal and an external analysis. This aims to make the segment profitable, but also to strengthen the competition. Finally, positioning is necessary. The product must be in line with the segments it is trying to satisfy. What is operational marketing? It is a means to define the operating mode. We try to design what we are asked to do. These are the marketing variables that have a marketing plan, i.e. you have to target and develop market share. Several parameters must be studied, such as distribution, communication, marketing mix, product, price, sales network and customer services. Operational marketing is the implementation of strategic marketing. It is normal, one cannot start an operation without having a strategy. This is where the operation starts, here we are talking about the product launch and the distribution of tasks conceived during strategic marketing. What is informational marketing? It is the branch of marketing that informs the public about products. It is important to determine in advance the type of information you want to circulate. The goal is to give as much information as possible. The information is divided into two: primary information where the product is not yet present, but a kind of survey is conducted, and secondary information where the product exists and comes from a well-defined company or organization. There is potential for both quantitative and qualitative product information. Afterwards, an assessment of the cost and realization of the product launch should be made.
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