All you need to know about the company’s internal regulations

Published on : 11 January 20213 min reading time

In a company with more than twenty employees, internal regulations must be put in place for the proper functioning of the company. A company can be sanctioned in the absence of these rules.

What are the internal rules of a company?
Internal regulations are rules to be followed in a company. They also include the sanctions applicable within the company. They are mandatory in a company. They bring together the various rules applicable to the employee and the employer in terms of health, safety and discipline. An internal regulation sets the rules of life within a company and both the employee and the employer must respect them. The employer establishes rules and obligations in terms of health and safety, discipline, and the defense of employees within the company. In exchange, the employee must honor these rules and must perform his or her work by following the instructions given by their subordinates. The internal rules and regulations are therefore a means of communication between the employer and the employees for the smooth running of the company.

What are the clauses and content of a company’s internal regulations?
The internal rules of a company are set by law. It sets out the way in which health and safety obligations are implemented within a company. It may also contain provisions enshrining the principle of neutrality, restricted, and the expression of employees’ convictions. It may include prohibitions, safety and hygiene measures. For example, a ban on drinking alcoholic beverages during working hours, or an obligation to wear a helmet on a trail to prevent accidents at work. It is therefore a safety measure. It also describes the disciplinary rules as well as the sanctions applicable in the event of fault or failure to follow the rules submitted. In case of non-compliance with the rules, an employee can be reprimanded, warned, laid off and even dismissed.

How do you draw up internal rules in a company?
The employee is in charge of drawing up the company’s internal rules, but this document must be presented and consulted by the company committee before being posted and published. Then it is sent to the work inspector to verify the legality and conformity of the document. The work inspector can also modify it or remove the clause in the regulation. Once the document has been validated, the by-law can be posted for all to see.

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