What is a financial controller?

Controlling plays an important role in the life and development of a company. This function has become essential and unavoidable within a company. The improvement of performance, the optimization of profitability, the follow-up of the vision as well as the control of costs mainly depend on it. Hiring a management controller makes it possible to have management tools at the service of the organization's management. But what is management control really all about? In this article, discover information that helps to define this profession, understand how it works and know the profile of a management controller. What are the missions of the management controller? Considered as a key position in a company, management control is confused with the accounting profession. Its missions are divided into a few essential points. First of all, the role of the management controller is to establish activity forecasts from the point of view of budgets, organization, objectives and means. Thanks to computer processing, he develops and adapts the analysis tools, indicators and procedures applicable in the field of management control. The Management Controller's duties also include identifying significant variances between forecasts and actual results, implementing operating rules and management procedures, and producing management tools. He or she is required to draw up statistics, activity reports and dashboards representing concrete variance analyses. It is therefore the responsibility of the Management Controller to transmit this information, with comments, to General Management. What are the objectives of the management control function? In the implementation of strategies, management control enables the company to effectively achieve its objectives. As a result, management control aims to control the overall management of the company, both organizationally and operationally. The job of the management controller consists in perfectly following the company's vision. It enables the optimization of profitability and the control of all expenses and costs facing the company. It also aims to effectively and efficiently coordinate all existing departments within the company. What are the qualities and qualifications for the job of financial controller? A management controller is a job that requires remarkable rigor, especially when it comes to synthesizing information about the company. A sense of relationships is also important for a management controller. A management controller must have a Bac+5 degree, after a Bac ES, S or STMG, in the field of finance and management control.
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