The core principals of
a successful business

The basics of entrusting an independent accountant with your company's financial management

Acquiring the right software for your new business is key!

Go for beautiful desks to embellish the workspace you will see every day.

Save paper and be environmentally friendly, move towards the use of e-bill.

IT business environment

Modern IT technologies for businesses

IT management is the coordination of all resources, systems, platforms, environments and teams in order to improve speed, scalability and stability throughout the company. IT management is the coordination of all IT resources, systems, platforms, environments and teams. Managing modern and increasingly dynamic IT environments requires a new approach to improve your business’ speed and performance. For instance, platforms like Goaland and their Product Management Information solutions are here to help you integrate IT resources into your business.

IT business environment


The Golden Rules for
starting a business

The success of entrepreneurs in business is not only based on luck, More about the subject on
Here are some rules to follow that will certainly help you prosper.


Fresh business


It is essential to take care of a company’s brand image, its power is all too often misused. A well elaborated marketing strategy is a half successful business, as explained on



Call on professionals for the creation of professional websites for your company or the creation of e-commerce. More and more managers, even within startups and VSEs, knowing the influence of the internet, are recruiting community managers for social network management and online communication.



Event marketing consists in highlighting a product or the customer through an organized event that is most often made to make it stand out. The more memorable the event is, the more the product is known by the public, sometimes even trying to insert the press into the gears of the mechanism.

Marketing is crucial for any business

Marketing is crucial as it helps you sell services and products. The main goal of any company is to make money and marketing is an important tool to reach that objective. In other words, without marketing, many companies wouldn’t be where they are today…


Creating a business:
what you need to do!

Legal status

Depending on the size of the workforce and the planned capital, the legal status defines the rights of employees.

Legal adress

For a VSE or a startup, the home of the company/business creator can be used as premises.

Name of the company

This is what customers will retain, sometimes even more than the products offered by the company.


The main four sources
of funding a business


Online business ideas that earn you money

Online business is starting to be very popular, mainly thanks to the development of online technologies that allow the rapid creation of e-commerce websites. The ease of access that these sites offer allows greater comfort for both customers and entrepreneurs.

Being innovative, the marketing and e-commerce sectors are booming, and e-commerce profiles are highly coveted, hence the use of a recruitment agency, such as Voluntae, is essential in order to assist entrepreneurs in their search for good profiles.